The Toronto Star
“Knitting is very binary,” says Laughlin. “You learn two things, knit and purl, and everything else is a variation.”

Robbie is an avid knitter, but it doesn’t stop there… In the past eight years, after learning to knit from a few friends, he’s also learned how to spin his own yarns, weave, and work tatting. He has picked up crochet again too, which he learnt as a young child, but set aside in pursuit of music and technology.

In the past, he worked several different day jobs based in technology and teaching that made high demands of him, and these handcrafts brought a sense of tranquility back to his life.

It has helped him find and build a community full of people he adores. Most importantly, it’s taught him not to take life so seriously. To relax, and have fun. To create, and share…

In 2014, when some members of his craft community offered, he jumped at the chance to teach classes on these subjects. He thought it would be great to have a way to share the passion and joy that they can bring. He continued to do so, while working in a high pressure day job. Eventually, the day job gave way, and now he spends most of his time creating.

Knitting, teaching, designing, and painting are just some of the ways this happens.